Rabu, Disember 15, 2010

Do you know how much I miss you?

hanya sekadar gambar hiasan..hehe...

I've found this beautiful poem..the words really means a lot to me..and i grab this quotes to dedicate to you..just wanna let you know how much i miss you.. 

Have you ever bothered to realize
how much you mean to me?
I care so much for you inside
and miss you so deeply.

I sometimes sit for hours
Just to hear from you
And when you never come on
I’m unsure what to do

I lay awake in bed sometimes
With you stuck in my head
Sometimes I question your love for me
Or that your with someone else instead

Sometimes I walk at night
Just to gaze at a lonely star
Sometimes I fall to tears
Because you are so far

And every now and then
When I do speak to you
I always get worried
Incase you say we’re threw

And do you ever wonder
Just what I’m doing to
And do you know
Just how much I think of you

Because if tomorrow doesn’t come
And I haven’t spoke to you
How will you ever know?
Just how much I love you

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